9 states have declared bird flu in poultry birds

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Nine states across India have declared confirmed cases and further reported increased transmission of Avian Influenza in poultry birds and 12 states have cases of crows, wild or migratory birds being infected with bird flu, revealed the Union Ministry of Animal Husbandry.

For the state of Rajasthan alone, 17 districts have been confirmed to have cases of bird flu. As of now, 6,290 birds have lost their lives in the state from the time period between January 25, 2020 to January 22, 2021, as reported by the State Animal Husbandry Department.

For the state of Punjab, 11,200 birds were culled at the Alfa Poultry Farm for the village Bhera based in Derabassi said Aashika Jain, Additional Deputy Commissioner.

Nearly hundred men worked in the operation for a period of eight hours to carry on the exercise of burial. The team started the job by sedating the birds after which culling wad done by cervical dislocation after which the birds were buried in deep pits and further covered with lime.

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