First wolf sanctuary of Karnataka to be in Koppal

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The state of Karnataka is on the verge of getting the first wildlife sanctuary for wolves which will be in the Kalyana Karnataka region’s drylands of Bankapur in Koppal district.

A meeting is scheduled on Tuesday for the Karnataka Wildlife Board headed by Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa for approval of ‘Bankapur Wolf Sanctuary’ in 822.03 acres of forest area. The agenda of the meeting observes the preferential habitat of wolves to be Deccan Plateau and also notes about their preying on blackbucks and species of herbivores.

The agenda focuses on “a relative ecosystem for the conservation of these endangered species has been found in parts of Koppal district.”

Apart from wolves, according to the agenda, the conservation will extend to striped hyena, golden jackal, Indian fox and various fauna. As per the forest officials, the area selected in Bankapur consists of rocky hillocks and thorny vegetation.

An official revealed, “Recently, a pack of wolves had littered about six pups and nurtured them in the region by occupying a cave underneath a huge boulder. If approved by the Board, this will be Karnataka‚Äôs first wildlife sanctuary for wolves.”

Amid the scheduled meeting, there will also be discussion about pending proposals of declaring Hesarghatta grassland ecosystem as a Conservation Reserve and also on conservation of sloth bears with proposal of Arsikere Sloth Bear Sanctuary.

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