Karnataka Education Department calls for a 30% reduction of school fee

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In the reports presented to the government by the Department of public instruction, there has  been a strong recommendation based on the current scenario for a 25 – 30 per cent reduction in the school fees for the present academic year. It is anticipated that the final order regarding the same will be directed and asked for implementation within a couple of days.

After the reports were presented, Suresh S Kumar Primary and Secondary Education Minister had conducted a meeting to discuss about the recommendations. The subject of reduction of school fees has been passed on to the minister.

The sources from the department told DH, “There is also a recommendation that the schools, which have collected full fees from parents for this academic year, should adjust the same during the next year’s fees following the government order.”

The source further spoke about the implementation by the schools adding, “Some parents have already paid the full fee. For such parents, the schools must give concessions during the next year of the same percentage recommended by the government for this year. At the same time, there are schools which have already considered parents plights and reduced the fees up to 30% and for such schools, this fee cut won’t apply.”

A meeting was organized by the Commissioner for public instruction with the representatives from parents’ associations and the management team of private schools. During this meeting, the parents appealed to the management team of the private schools to cut down the fees but by bit according to the enrollment of the students.

Yoganandana, the secretary from the RTE Students and Parents Association stated, “We had requested the department to fix a slab and reduce fees based on the number of admissions. For example, we said no fee concession is needed for schools with less than 250 students and for schools charging Rs 15,000 to Rs 25,000 we have requested for 10% cut in the fees.”

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