Owais asks over silence of PM Modi over Chinese constructions around Arunanchal border

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With the continued stand-off between India and China, Asaduddin Owaisi, chief of AIMIM asked about the silence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi over Chinese constructions in the vicinity of Arunanchal borders.

While addressing the issue to ANI, Owaisi said, “Chinese PLA has been continously occupying our territory in Arunanchal Pradesh, Ladakh, Sikkim. In Arunanchal Pradesh, the map shows that the Chinese have constructed permanent structures within Indian territory.  Why is the Prime Minister silent on Chinese occupation of Indian territory?”

The Telangana unit of BJP gave a response to Owaisi about the Centre taking necessary action regarding the border conflicts as the Centre will always have consideration towards the sovereignty and territorial integrity.

The MEA revealed about the China conducted construction in very incidents in the past along the Arunanchal border. There were reports about construction of three villages by China along the border of Arunanchal Pradesh.

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