Karnataka Health, Education Departments do not agree over SSLC exams

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The education departments, health department, on Monday are not on the same page regarding taking the exams, a few hours after the timetable was announced for exams.

Health Minister Dr. K Sudhakar revealed his department is not aware of the education department’s decision to hold the examinations.

When asked about the suggestions given by the health department to the education department regarding the conduct of exams, Sudhakar said, I am unaware of this decision and I need to consult the education minister on this announcement.”

When inquired if both the departments are not on the same page, he said, “I cannot comment on this off-hand. Also, I cannot say whether the exams shall be conducted or not. The Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) will give its opinion on this.”

The minister iterated the education department will be submitting the number of teaching and non-teaching staff for vaccination prior to the exams, though the education minister set a deadline of one week, a few hours earlier.

Education Minister Suresh Kumar said, “The commissioner of the health department was present during the two-hour-long meeting with district administrations on holding SSLC examinations and also directed district administrations on following the SOP.”

Kumar said he had a meeting with Yediyurappa on Monday and revealed to him the details about holding the examinations and getting oral consent for the same.

He further declared regarding the formation of a task force for taking a call on the reopening of schools. Sudhakar said separate committees cannot be created for every department. Sudhakar said, “The TAC will advise the government on this. We cannot have one committee for every department. I will talk to the education minister on what basis this committee will be formed.”

When asked why TAC was silent adhering to the third wave, Sudhakar refuted any form of stifling of the opinion. He said, “Dr Devi Shetty’s committee has given recommendations on handling the third wave and the preparations for that. The TAC headed by Dr M K Sudarshan will give guidance on staggered unlock measures and the pattern of the virus spread.”

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