Red Cross passes a clear warning about Coronavirus induced discrimination in Asia

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The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) has given a warning about the rising discrimination caused by the novel Coronavirus to the vulnerable community in Asia inclusive of the fireigners and migrants on Thursday.

After surveying 5,000 people from countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar and Pakistan, it was discovered that nearly 50% of them pointed fingers at a particular group of people for the contagion of the Coronavirus with a lot of blame directed to Chinese tribe including the immigrants and foreigners.

Considering Indonesia, more than half of the people put the blame on ‘foreigners and rule-breakers’. Whereas in Myanmar, the citizens have aforethought Chinese people and foreigners to be responsible for it.

For Malaysia, it is “specific group” indicating as usual migrants, foreign tourists and ‘illegal foreigners’. This led to the authorities arresting of hundreds of undocumented immigrants and refugees in May.

People from Pakistan have blamed the inefficient government control underlying the Iranian border. It was also put forth on pilgrims returning from Iran and Chinese people.

Though, according to the researchers, education carved a small difference as university graduates blamed less to the ‘specific people’.

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