France to be a part of Bengaluru Tech Summit 2020 scheduled for Nov 20

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For the Bengaluru Tech Summit 2020 which is scheduled for November 20, French officials and companies will be taking part, as revealed by Ambassador of France to India, Emmanuel Lenain.

Emmanuel Lenain took the news to Twitter, “France will participate in force BengaluruTechSummit 2020. Karnataka is home to 150 plus companies and French Tech Community-Bangalore. How do India and France drive innovation together? To know, join us for the French country webinar on November 20!”

French envoy, Emmanuel Lenain stated he is eagerly waiting for the summit and engage in the activities which will involve participation of several French companies and officials.

The news was confirmed further by Bengaluru Tech Summit who posted a video on Twitter with the message from the French ambassador, “Mr Emmanuel Lenain, Ambassador of France to India, expresses his regards and looks forward to Bengaluru Tech Summit 2020, the flagship event of the State and encourages all inquisitive minds to participate.”

Among the other French officials, French Minister for Digital Cedric O will be addressing others and presenting a speech at the Tech Summit 2020.

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